U.S. Media Publishers and Publications – Ranked for February 2016

Last month, we released the complete index of US media publishers and publications, ranked by combining desktop and mobile page-views in the U.S. Below, we have updated the rankings, and added some additional insights into the complex world of media publishers and publications. For even more insights and to discover more metrics on online media sites, contact us here and request a SimilarWeb demo.

Among the changes to this months rankings, we have now segmented Yahoo’s many online properties, in order to only include those that relate to news and media. For example, the Yahoo subdomain finance.yahoo.com is counted as a seperate publication but remains under the umbrella of Yahoo as a publisher. Whenever you see N/A next to a media publisher or publication’s January ranking it means that the site or publisher did not appear in the January rankings. To find out if these sites grow or drop in March, revisit our blog as the list of both US and Uk media publishers is updated monthly.

Furthermore, with Yahoo, there have been some recent rumors that either Time, Inc. or AOL (Verizon Communications) may purchase some of Yahoo’s domains. If either of these deals go through it will mark a huge shake-up in the rankings of media publishers and would mean that whoever makes the purchase could shoot up to number 1 overall. Armed with even one of Yahoo’s news properties, Time, Inc. who currently rank 9th, could easily take the top spot, and the same can be said of AOL (Verizon Communications) who currently sit in 12th.

Discover the complete list of top US media publishers of February 2016:


Turning to media publications, February was a good month for many political and traditional news sites who continue to gain due to the ongoing presidential primaries. However, the publication that saw the most growth since January was actually venturebeat.com a tech news site that has dramatically increased its pages per visit. VentureBeat now uses a strategy of continuous scrolling so that once a user scrolls to the end of an article, they are brought to a completely new article and the URL is altered automatically to reflect the change. Using this strategy, VentureBeat’s average pages per visit are up 183% over the last 6 months.

venture beat ppv


After VentureBeat, the publication that rose the most in our rankings was vanityfair.com which rose 54 places in February. Traffic to Vanity Fair’s grew slightly in February, and significantly, pages per visit to the site rose 39% since January. The site, which mainly covers celebrity news, had a busy February, with both the Grammys and Oscars receiving a significant amount of coverage over the month. However, despite this extended coverage, the most popular Vanity Fair article in February was actually regarding Kanye West and his $53 million debt. After Kanye’s debt, the second most popular article was in fact Oscar related, as it surrounds Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s roast of Leonardo DiCaprio, who we correctly predicted would win the Oscar for best actor.

On the overall list of publications, there was no change in number 1 and msn.com remains at the top with over 1.5 billion combined page-views in February. With political season in full swing and the NFL season ending in early February, drudgereport.com was able to overtake espn.go.com and the sports website was pushed down to third. Furthermore, with our new system of ranking Yahoo domains, Yahoo’s finance news section finance.yahoo.com instantly became number 10 overall, pushing cnet.com out of the top 10.


Discover the complete ranking of the top 300 media publications in the chart below:



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