INDEX: US Media Publishers & Publications- January 2016

Last month we released the complete 2015 index of US publishers and publications, ranked by combining desktop and mobile page-views in the U.S. Stay tuned as we will be updating this list monthly, showing changes in the ranking and highlighting certain other metrics.


In the charts below, the number in green represents how many places the publication/publisher rose compared to its rank in all of 2015, and red shows how many places it dropped. The complete list of publishers and publications which can be found here, also shows the combined mobile and desktop page-views and details what percent of the page-views came from the 2 sources. This allows you to discover, for example, that the top 2 publications by mobile percent share are and, both websites that receive over 80% of their traffic from mobile devices.




January 2016 was a successful month for some media publishers, most notably the 10 below, who all had their rank increase drastically compared to 2015. Based on increase, the biggest winner in January was Future plc who jumped an impressive 129 spots in the rankings. In 2015 Future plc ranked 199th out of our list of 300 publishers, but in January 2016, they moved way up to 70th. Among Future plc’s publications are 2 leading tech sites: and
publishers by changes=




Looking at the top 25 publishers in general, there is a new number 1 on the list, and in January, Disney Media overtook MSN. Over 2015, MSN topped the list with over 27 billion combined page-views and Disney trailed with just under 26 billion, however in January the two have swapped places. Overall, there were no new additions to the top 10, and only 1 new to the top 25, Bloomberg L.P. who ranked 32nd overall in 2015, but rose 13 places to claim the 19th spot. Bloomberg’s publication,, also rose in the ranking of publications and now ranks 14th in the U.S. in January 2016.

top 25 publishers

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When it comes to publications, the biggest growth from 2015 to January 2016 belongs to which rose a whopping 140 places. In the 2015 index, Alternet ranked 210th but a strong January saw the publication rise to 70th. Outside of Alternet, several political publications saw big gains, likely as a result of U.S. election fever heating up. Sites that cover the election such as, and all grew over 80 places each in between 2015 and January 2016.

publications by change




Looking at the top 25 publications, there are several new sites joining the top 25, but the publication with the most gains in the top 25 is Over 2015, Rolling Stone ranked 39th, but the pop-culture magazine jumped to 25th place in January. This increase can be related to 2 major events: Sean Penn’s exclusive interview with El Chapo (published January 9th), which was responsible for 22% of the sites January traffic, and the passing of music legend David Bowie. Bowie passed away on January 10th, and various David Bowie articles accounted for 10% of Rolling Stone’s January traffic.

25 publications

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Of the top 25 U.S. media publications, 4 represent traditional American newspapers, in the sense that they publish articles both online and in print. These 4 newspapers are:, and When examining the breakdown of traffic, NY times is the leader in direct traffic, proving that its readers are extremely loyal to the brand. In January 2016, the NY Times received 44% of its desktop visits came from direct traffic and the site also had the lowest bounce rate among the 4 leading newspapers. NY Times also led all publications in referral traffic but in terms of other traffic sources, such as social media traffic, the Washington Post was the leader with 21% of their traffic coming from social. On organic search, USA Today was the leader among the 4, with 45% of its traffic coming from search, and it was NY Daily News who led these publications in terms of pages per visit.




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