Infographic: The Power of Drudge

Conservative news aggregator site the Drudge Report has been around for 20 years, which is definitely impressive considering the fleeting quality of websites in the digital age. Featuring hundreds of links to news sites and columns from all over the globe, the Drudge Report covers a vast spectrum of news categories including entertainment, politics, current affairs, and more. Aside from being one of the most established news aggregators, Drudge has another claim-to-fame: It was the first news source to break the Lewinsky-Clinton scandal back in 1998.


Since Drudge is essentially a massive link pile composed of hundreds of links to news stories, it works as a kind of “super referrer” to a variety of media outlets. And that referral power is still paying off 20 years later, as the site receives around 700 million page views a month. It’s also the #1 referrer of site traffic to major news outlets including CNN, USA Today, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.


But we think the stats speak for themselves. Take a look at this great infographic, which reveals the true power of Drudge.


This Infographic was created in collaboration with Intermarkets

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