[INFOGRAPHIC] The State of Online Retail- 2016

Even though the busy holiday season is behind us, online retailers find themselves continuously vying for market share, trying to increase traffic and revenues and adapt to the modern E-commerce shopper. In a previous post we discovered that as of January 2016, an average of 54% of visits to shopping sites in the US come from mobile devices, and that number jumps to 65% in the UK. This number is troubling for some E-commerce sites, as users browse fewer pages for a shorter amount of time, but more importantly, shopping sites have a lower conversion rate on mobile. Discover below the conversion rate broken down by device as well as data on America’s busiest 3 shopping days. For more coverage of top American shopping days, download our Online Shopping Report.


This infographic was made with help from jbh.co.uk & smartinsights.com, find the original here.



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