Insights on Your Competitors Advertising Sources, Banners and Ad Networks Now Available on SimilarWeb!

Everyday, we are determined to make SimilarWeb the one and only tool you will ever need to get the best and most detailed competitive insights on your competitors’ web activity. Thanks to your amazing feedback and suggestions we have added a new feature that shows more information about the web traffic that comes from display advertising.

In this new section, users can quickly uncover a lot more about their competitors advertising efforts. SimilarWeb’s technology and data shows you the leading websites in which banners are placed and which are the main ad networks they’re using to advertise. But there’s more, with the help of our friends from WhatRunsWhere we’ll also show you the creative of the advertising banners (image, text, and flash), used by the websites you’re researching.

There are three key components to our new ‘Display’ section on SimilarWeb:

1. List of 10 paid referring sites (Publishers): to help you find some of the most effective domains in which are the banners are being placed.

2. Pie chart with the leading ad networks used by this website when buying display advertising.

3. Window showing selection of the latest image, text and flash adverts used to drive traffic to the site you’re analyzing.

Here is a screen shot of the new feature listing the top 10 sites that display advertisements for . Without much surprise, you can see the top 2 sites are and

Display Ad


To see the exact banner advertisements creative, simply click on the ‘SHOW ME’ button.

"Show Me"

A new window will open up in which you’ll be able to view a selection of advertising banners, such as these flash ads from Nike.



Nike Flash Ad


So there it is! The newest feature to SimilarWeb, thanks to all of you guys! Give it a try and tell us what you think about it. We cant wait to see all the different creative ways people will use this feature for. Keep the wonderful feedback and suggestions coming and stay tuned because we have something big coming very soon – make sure you’re following us on Facebook & Twitter to get the latest SimilarWeb news.

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