How Internet Traffic is Changing in 2016

Internet trends change all the time but with SimilarWeb data, you’ll never be flying blindly into the Internet’s abyss. To best show the strongest trends on the Internet we looked at data from thousands of websites in 8 categories, in over 200 countries and territories around the world. This data is aggregated from all of 2015 and then compared to early 2016 in order to demonstrate strong trends from last year, and how Internet traffic is changing moving forward. Understanding this global data is essential for any website to not only survive, but thrive in whatever industry it operates in.

In addition to the presentation below, we have also included data highlights of all 5 traffic sources, in order to show which industry is strongest in which traffic arena. This data allows us to see, for example, that the Travel industry relies on Search for almost 50% of its overall traffic, while Gambling websites barely receive a tenth of their traffic from Search. Data on the other 4 traffic sources can be found after the power point presentation below.

How Internet Traffic is Changing in 2016
Furthermore, the slides allow for a deeper understand of Internet trends across all 5 metrics. In the Travel industry, it is clear that Search traffic is crucial for survival in the industry, but the data also shows that Social and Direct traffic are becoming increasingly valued in Travel, while Referral, E-mail, and Display Ad traffic are all trending down. In contrast to Travel, Games sites saw a significant increase in traffic from E-mail and Display Ads, all of which helped their relative traffic share of total Internet traffic.

Discover more trends in even more categories by viewing our year-over-year review:


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