Interview with Andy Crestodina – Co-Founder Of Orbit Media

We interviewed Andy Crestodina, an industry expert on turning traffic in to conversions. We highly recommend checking out his blog to get well researched tips and see how an industry guru approaches the world of online marketing.

How does a website design company get in to the business of content marketing?

It’s not difficult. When you design websites for people, the topic of content marketing comes up all the time. If you build mousetraps for people, they always ask about the cheese!

  • During the planning process: conversations about keywords always turn toward content marketing.
  • During the design process: conversations about usability and conversion optimization always turn toward content marketing.
  • After the site goes live: conversations about Analytics always turn toward content marketing.

If you want to help someone get a return-in-investment for their website, you need to help them with content marketing. At very least, it’s important to provide coaching and guidance.

We do this for the general public through our blog and newsletter, but we also have regular events, including client-only workshops. I also have office hours every day at 8am and anyone who is interested can register for an hour of consulting with me.

We love your blog posts. How do you incubate your ideas for the blog posts?

Thanks! Fortunately, I have conversations with business every day. I average 6-8 meetings per day and many of these are with businesses facing real challenges. They ask practical questions. So I’m exposed to a huge range of issues and questions.

Often, I have access to the Analytics of the companies I talk to. So I can see what works and what doesn’t. This gives me real insights into which actions lead to which outcomes. That helps guide me toward the high-impact topics.

I also do a lot of reading and studying. I spend at least an hour every morning, reading posts and listening to podcast. I study like it’s finals week! When I find good stuff, I share it using Buffer. But I’m strategic about who and what I share…

I’m also deliberate about reading and sharing the content of the influencers I’m slowly networking with. If you understand how social media affects SEO, you know that if you share the work of specific bloggers, you have a better chance of becoming visible to people who may mention you in their content. This can have big SEO benefits down the road.

Which sites do you think are currently doing the best job with content marketing?

I could give you a list of the big blogs, which are amazing, but I’m sure you already know them. Here are two that you might not know of…

  • Favorite lesser-known blog: Co-Schedule. They’re doing a really good job with practical, in-depth posts.
  • Favorite lesser-known podcast: Success Labr. I love the format, the tone and the range of topics. 

Outside the topic of marketing, there are many hundreds of websites doing amazing content marketing within their niches. They’re not known to us because we’re living in the marketing bubble, but there are great marketers everywhere, helping their audiences and creating demand!

What’s the best pizza in Chicago?

That’s an easy one. Lou Malnatis is the best. I had it just last night!



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