Is PlayBuzz Becoming A Serious Opponent For BuzzFeed?

The latest online viral/quiz platform to be making waves in the industry is fledgling young startup – PlayBuzz. Despite launching just 10 months ago, PlayBuzz is already rivaling the remarkably similar and more established BuzzFeed. You don’t have to be an analytic genius to appreciate how PlayBuzz’s visitor figures are skyrocketing and, understandably, this is troubling for Buzzfeed. It may even be too late to stop PlayBuzz’s march to the top as according to NewsWhip they are already outperforming BuzzFeed on Facebook in terms of the number of shares they receive. As this is a battle will be determined on traffic analytics grounds, we at SimilarWeb couldn’t resist the urge to dig deeper into this. With the help of DadaViz, we’ve visualized some data points that shed some light on these virtual David and Goliath:

  • September’s Most Shared Sites On Facebook


PlayBuzz vs BuzzFeed

Admittedly, at first glance, it would appear that PlayBuzz is lagging over 100 million desktop visitors behind BuzzFeed. Surely this means that BuzzFeed is the King and PlayBuzz nothing but a small fish in a big pond, right?

  • Monthly visits to PlayBuzz and BuzzFeed between October 2012 – September 2014 by SimilarWeb PRO

However, when we look on the stats from a different angle, we find that the growth rate for BuzzFeed visitors has slowed down considerably since PlayBuzz was launched. Between January 2013 – September 2013, visitor numbers for BuzzFeed increased by over 300%. A year on and the increase in that same period is only around 5%.

  • Traffic to BuzzFeed between January – September 2013/14 by SimilarWeb PRO

How successful then had PlayBuzz been this year? SimilarWeb PRO showed that growth had been rapid for PlayBuzz and traffic had grown from 0 to tens of millions of visitors a month. Not bad for a 9 month period and in stark contrast to BuzzFeeds growth of just 5, yes that’s FIVE, percent.

  • Growth in traffic for PlayBuzz between January 2014 to September 2014 by SimilarWeb PRO

We decided to break the growth rates down a little further to discover what the results looked like on month on month. Although growth rates for PlayBuzz fell in May, July and August 2014, April saw a growth rate of 73% and June managed a huge growth of 449%. BuzzFeed fares less well and was unable to post growth rates higher than 11%.

  • Month over month growth for PlayBuzz vs BuzzFeed between April 2014 – September 2014 by SimilarWeb PRO

The Ongoing Rise Of PlayBuzz

SimilarWeb PRO has clearly shown that PlayBuzz are far behind BuzzFeed when it comes to total visits to the site. However, PlayBuzz is showing explosive growth as visitor figures push relentlessly upwards. BuzzFeed, who has been the market leader for several years, finally seem to see their growth declining in the face of PlayBuzz’s seemingly unstoppable rise. It may be early days for PlayBuzz, but so far it seems they are a rival to be reckoned with.

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