Is this really what the marketing technology landscape looks like?

This week released an interesting chart showcasing the logos of marketing tech companies trying to make sense of an industry that grows at a faster rate than I can typeeeeeee……


Anyway, if this is what the industry is looks and feels like it looks and feels incredibly busy, fragmented and confusing. It actually hurts my eyes.

As brands across the world work hard to simplify their communications with clearer, bolder and unique messages, this chart makes me think that the marketers in our industry often forget to put their clients’ needs first. The fact that it’s marketers selling to marketeers is ironic but we might as well laugh about it – after all, it’s still a very young industry that has a lot to learn from established and trusted brands that have been around before the internet.
Below a picture with my view on the future of the marketing tech landscape – it looks prettier and simpler. Lol.
right branding

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