Take a Deep Dive with Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis is here! This new module allows you to take a deep-dive into any keyword – whether organic or paid – on the web.

Members from across your company’s marketing team will benefit:

  • SEO/PPC Managers – Qualify whether or not to start optimizing for a new keyword. Understand how difficult it would be to obtain traffic from the keyword by understanding who is currently competing for it, and better understand revenue potential for untapped keywords.
  • PPC Managers – Understand keyword market share and which landing pages would work best for a particular keyword.
  • Content Managers – Generate content based on trending keywords for your industry, and drive organic traffic to your company’s website and social pages. Understand which other companies are also incorporating the keyword into their content and optimize accordingly.

Use Keyword Analysis to take your SEO, PPC and content strategies to the next level by understanding key metrics for your competitors’ search strategy. Uncover invaluable data for each keyword, sorted by the date range you select and your available country filters:

  • Search Volume – 1 year monthly average
  • CPC Estimation
  • Organic vs. Paid Traffic Split

To illustrate what this feature offers, let’s examine the keyword “samsung galaxy s7” worldwide for June 2016:

keyword-1You can narrow your investigation by search engine and category, and view the following for each competitor:

  • Traffic Share
  • Change (from the previous month)
  • Position on the search engine results page
  • Destination URL (landing page)
  • Website Categories

In this case, we can see the top 332 organic competitors and 329 paid competitors for the keyword “samsung galaxy s7”:

keyword-2keyword-3Export all data to Excel to conduct deeper analysis.

Unlike other tools, SimilarWeb measures actual traffic generated by a particular keyword to a particular site; we don’t just provide you with a snapshot of the keyword position on the results page. In addition, we include search traffic arriving from all search engines.

Use Case

An analysis of the keyword “website builder” reveals that competition is fierce among companies offering this type of solution.

KWA-use-case-1With over 1.85 million annual searches and a CPC approaching $15, this is a critical industry keyword.

A leading player such as Wix.com would likely continue to optomize for and bid on this keyword to ensure it retains a high position for both paid and organic search, with the company receiving 21.87% and 25.70% of traffic, respectively:


KWA-use-case-3Newer players can use the Keyword Analysis feature to examine less competitive, and therefore less costly, keywords for their SEO strategies and PPC campaigns. Pursuing a number of longer-tail and/or less popular terms can generate a significant amount of increased traffic. For example, the term “creating a website” is considerably less expensive than “website builder”. In this case, Wix.com receives only about 1% of the organic traffic from this term, leaving plenty of ground for a new player to conquer.

KWA-use-case-4Contact your Account Manager to learn how you can access this exciting new feature.

About the Author -

Josh Straus is a Marketing Communications Manager at SimilarWeb. When not immersing himself in competitive intelligence and digital marketing, Josh enjoys embarking on gastronomic adventures, climbing mountains, and studying medieval manuscripts.

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