Find Leads Via Websites’ Technologies

SimilarWeb is all about using website traffic analysis for competitive intelligence. However, there are additional ways to run a competitive analysis, such as leveraging big data technologies to gather and analyze technological assets powering the different websites all around the web. With that said we are proud to announce our new product, SimilarTech, a lead generation and competitive intelligence tool based on website technology profiling.

SimilarTech crawls and analyzes website all across the web in order to detect the web technologies powering any website.

With SimilarTech you get access to unique data that can be used by web companies, researchers and developers. This data can be used for customer (website) profiling, lead generation, competitive analysis and business intelligence. Technology adoption and usage analytics for web technologies are beautifully displayed on the website.

What is SimilarTech Good For?

1. Competitive Intelligence

Using SimilarTech, you can actually get a customer list of your competitors (technology / web company) worldwide, including filtering by country.

On top of that, you get access to every technology these competitors are using on their websites.


2. Client Profiling

Client profiling is sometimes based on the types of technologies a website is using. For example – if you’re a Joomla developer, you need to find Joomla websites’ owners, which are potential clients. This is true for CMS platforms, blogs platforms, cart types etc.. Using, you can find all this information by typing a website in the search box, or using SimilarTech’s Chrome Extension.


3. Lead Generation

SimilarTech is great for lead generation. You can use it to Generate a list of websites that are using your competitor’s technology or a technology that is complementary to yours (e.g. “Magento”, in case you got a Magento Extension).

The best way to use this list is to prioritize it by one or more of these metrics: countries that send the most traffic to the websites, each websites’ category, the number of monthly visits to each of the websites and the rank of the websites.


4. Lead Qualification

Figure out which of your leads has more chance of converting into a paying customer by looking at all the technologies the lead (website) is using, combining it with all the other metrics to deduce the chance of conversion.

5. Market Research

By defining the technologies in a specific market sector you can see which technology is stronger in which website categories.


6. Find Trending Technologies

See which technology is gaining ground and which is losing its luster throughout the internet.


About the Author -

Co-Founder & CTO of SimilarTech, consultant at SimilarWeb. Web developing since the age of 12, going the entrepreneurial path. Lives in the awesome Tel Aviv.

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