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Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become an incredibly effective tool for marketers, sales professionals, and online recruiters. The social network receives close to 1 billion desktop and mobile visits a month and, as of January 2016, ranked 35th overall on SimilarWeb’s top website ranking which combines several metrics including page-views and visits. In January 2016, the site had 865,500,000 visits, 27% of which came from mobile devices.traffic

These LinkedIn users extremely engaged, and in January 2016, the average desktop user spent just over 7 minutes on the site, visiting an average of 6.5 pages. Using SimilarWeb’s Audience Interests tool, we can also discover that LinkedIn users show a strong affinity to news and media sites, as 12% of LinkedIn users also visit a news and media site during the same browsing session.

For media publishers, this is an incredibly important statistic, and though many publishers have extensive strategies for Facebook and Twitter, few focus on LinkedIn referral traffic. We looked at 25 of the top media publishers, mostly in the U.S., and examined their referral traffic from LinkedIn. Of these 25, we looked at the 5 with the most LinkedIn referral visits and examined their rise in referral traffic over a 3 month period. These 5 publishers-, and– all saw major gains in January 2016, with Mashable displaying the largest growth, a jump of 1272% between December 2015 and January 2016.3 months

Finally, in the table below, SimilarWeb data is used to discover the LinkedIn referral traffic to all 25 publishers over a 3 month period. In the table, which corresponds to worldwide desktop traffic, the second column shows the site’s total social visits which includes many other social networks. In all cases, LinkedIn referral traffic accounts for less than 10% of social visits, with Inc. receiving the best percentage of LinkedIn traffic overall. Of’s 3,070,000 social visits in January, 8.5% came from LinkedIn, amounting to 260,000 visits total.

Find complete chart below:


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