Looking for Longtails – Locating the ‘Not Provided’ Keywords

As online marketers, much of our time is spent with keywords. Finding them. Analyzing them. Incorporating them into content. Targeting them in ads. Checking them for conversion values. Then cuddling with the sweet ones, of course. As such, we floated in Google’s streams, munched data, and even got a little plump. And Google fed (on) us and grew.

Over the past two years the keyword data provided by Google began shrinking, and things recently came to a head, with an estimated 80% of organic keyword data currently hidden across the web. And things are only going to get harder, with industry leaders preparing for the day when 100% of organic keywords will be in the “Not Provided” (NP) Google Analytics bin.

Heads for Volume and Tails for Profit

Keywords can be divided to “head” and “long tail”. Head keywords are usually 1-2 words long and are the primary terms for a market (shoes, boots, men’s shoes, etc), long tails are phrases, usually more specific and much more profitable (cheap leather shoes, ankle high plastic waterproof boots, etc).

One of the main implications of the recent NP changes is the loss of long tail data. The current solutions making the rounds online can’t always address this. Google Webmaster Tools is especially not going to be helpful for most sites, since they seem to be making a concerted effort to hide long tails. Not having this data makes it much harder to find add content based on user’s interests and impossible to attribute conversions to specific search terms.

Get Your Keywords Back

One of the most useful features for this in our SimilarWeb SimilarWeb PRO tool is the ability to see the keywords driving traffic to your own site. As Google removes access to more data from users, this feature will become exponentially more helpful in your efforts to understand the traffic arriving at your, or your competitor’s, site.

For example, looking at lorealparisusa.com, we get 1,113 different keywords that drove traffic from organic search over the past 3 months and 1,191 paid search terms. The majority of these are long tails, which is handy for the site owner. Along with the keywords, we also show what percentage of the search traffic volume they brought:

Organic Long tail keywords

For others doing competitive research on this niche, notice that there are 321 organic terms that include the characters “lore” – these are the brand terms driving traffic:

Brand longtail keywords

Try it for yourself now, go to http://www.similarweb.com/pro, start your free demo, and get your keywords back.


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