Market Share and Trends for any Industry with SimilarWeb’s New Feature

Chances are you know who your closest competitors are and you probably keep close tabs on them. But what if you could monitor your online ecosystem from competitors to partners to key customers? SimilarWeb’s launch of Custom Categories in June, 2016 enabled businesses to create hand-picked categories including up to 100 sites in order to properly benchmark themselves and monitor the greater landscape. Today we are excited to announce a major addition to this feature with the release of Category Share. This new macro visualization will allow your businesses to accomplish two crucial goals:

  1. Monitor how your traffic share changes over time within your category
  2. Identify swings in traffic share within the category due to real events that impact the web.

Visualizing Market Trends

Let’s take a look at a few real examples of market shifts that took place in Q3. For the News and Media industry, Q3 was a busy time as the world witnessed multiple violent incidents. Using a Custom Category built with eight major News Sites, we are able to track market share within the category over time, as well as identify the effect of real global events on traffic share within the category.

On Friday, July 8, 2016, multiple police officers were shot in Dallas, prompting a peak in web traffic. Using the Category Share feature, we can see that CNN captured a significantly larger portion of traffic share within the category from 22% to 30% on the day of the event, while Google News, Washington Post, and the New York Times lost traffic share during this event. Just a few days later, on Thursday, July 14th, the world witnessed a tragic attack in Nice, France. Traffic again spiked – with CNN taking a big bite from the market share within the category.

Multi-Device Trends

Category Share analysis will enable you to analyze multi-device trends in the market. Simply click the device toggle (All Traffic/Desktop/Mobile) to isolate the platform. If we analyze the Indian travel Industry for the past 3 months, the trends for desktop and mobile web are completely different. In this example, we can see that’s traffic share jumped multiple times in the past 3 months. But when we filter by device, we see that these spikes only appear on the desktop graph and had little or no effect on the mobile market share. When analyzing’s traffic sources in Website Analysis, the spikes are due to a new partnership with, “India’s largest free messaging destination with over 40 million registered users.”


Tip: businesses across all industries and markets are investing heavily in Mobile Web as more than 60% of all online traffic takes place on mobile devices.

To start analyzing your market share within your category, simply follow these two steps:

  1. Navigate to Industry Analysis, then select Category Share.
  2. Select any one of SimilarWeb’s 240+ industries to analyze (includes the top 100 sites from each Industry), or simply create your own category using the Custom Category feature.


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