Marketing Your Publication: What and When to Post?

In the digital publishing world, page-views are one of the most important metrics by which publishers measure their success. More page-views is a result of strong traffic and leads to a higher increase in ad revenue, the lifeblood of many digital publications.

This report analyzes some of the top US media publications based on Q1 page-views and discovers the secrets behind their digital success.

Marketing Your Publication: What and When to Post?

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Inside the report, publishers can discover which content brought the greatest amount of traffic to their competitors based on popular folders and popular pages.  For example, over Q1, Fox News’ Politics folder brought them their most amount of traffic on both desktop and mobile web. However, their Video folder was extremely popular on desktop, but brought them little traffic on mobile.

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Whether you work in the publishing industry, digital advertising, or are looking to improve your content strategy, SimilarWeb allows you to discover publishing insights that can help your company succeed and flourish.

Report Highlights:

  • Publishers rank by Q1 page-views and traffic
  • Outgoing ad links and ad networks
  • What content is most popular on desktop and mobile web
  • When is the best time and day to publish new content

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