Meerkat for Android Pops out of Beta Hole: Activity Jumps

Now that live-streaming app Meerkat is officially released for Android, you can see data showing its rise in popularity. We recently highlighted the competition between Meerkat and its competitor Periscope in Apple’s App Store. Users spend approximately 4 minutes watching live-streaming videos each time they use the app, with an average of 3.16 sessions per user. That’s more than 12 minutes per day.

App installs grew steadily over a recent 28-day period, and the number of active Meerkat for Android users quickly were between 12 and 14 percent.

active meerkat users (1)


Perhaps the most interesting insight is that, compared to the top free social apps on Android, Meerkat usage is fairly steady over a 24-hour period. At 2 in the morning, users are watching live-streams


It’s a good sign for any app developer when users lose sleep because the app is so addictive.

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