Mobile Accounts for More than Half of Traffic Share to Top UK Retailers

More proof that global desktop traffic is starting to stagnate: according to our recent dive into the eCommerce (shopping) industry in the UK, mobile traffic is slowly overtaking the lion’s share of traffic.

We analyzed the top 10 shopping sites in the UK, taking a look at both mobile web and desktop traffic. The results are telling of a trend that we’ve been seeing across all industries –  Mobile web is enjoying its heyday, as more users rely on their devices for a wide variety of activities while website operators are still figuring out how to implement and optimize their app strategy. You can see how mobile is really starting to gain momentum in this list of the top UK online retailers:


*Data for and includes respective traffic stats from domains and


eBay and Amazon are hands down the biggest shopping sites in the UK. For this analysis we combined data from both the UK and main domains of these two retail giants (ie, &; & As the table illustrates, eBay and amazon rank in at numbers 1 and 2 on the list of the top retail websites. Both retailers are neck-in-neck in terms of traffic share, with just a 1% discrepancy between mobile and desktop visits. It’ll be interesting to see how Amazon’s optimization of their increasingly successful mobile app will affect ecommerce traffic in the app economy.

Back to desktop and mobile web, nearly all of the sites on the list of top shopping sites were leading in mobile by 50% or more. But there were two exceptions – and Both of these sites command slightly more traffic share from desktop than mobile.  Since both are owned by the Alibaba Group (also infamous for their record-breaking IPO in September), it stands to reason that Alibaba still has some work to do in order to match the competition’s performance in the mobile sphere.


Most of the traffic share of our top UK ecommerce winners is divided pretty evenly, with mobile just beginning to nose ahead of desktop traffic. But there are a few strong players in the retail game that are gobbling up traffic share. is the champion of mobile, with 68% of all traffic coming from mobile web use and just 32% from desktop visits. follows close behind, with 64% of their traffic being driven from mobile.

Mobile surpassed desktop traffic to e-commerce sites in the UK for the first time last year, so it’s very likely that the discrepancy between desktop and mobile will continue to grow as time passes. What does this mean for desktop computers? Will they soon be on the curb collecting dust next to our CD players and palm pilots? Only time will tell…

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