Mobile Marketing: Advertising and Analytics

In February of 2014 mobile internet usage overtook PC’s by 55% in the USA for the first time in history.

Cisco predict that by 2018 there will be over 5 billion mobile users worldwide, with huge growth areas expected in Africa and the Middle East. These are two places where mobile internet usage has grown by over 100% last year.

Mobile internet access is expected to increase in speed tenfold in the next five years. This together with marketers embracing the concept of increasingly personalized, real time advertising for their target audience, turns this arena into a new and exciting playground for the online marketing community.

Mobile Advertising Trends:

Mobile advertising is different from web advertising as mobile internet users have shorter attention spans. These  short periods of concentration time are often spread across apps, browsers, maps and messaging. People only flick through their phone for a few of seconds at a time, so advertising has to be precise, succinct and targeted in order to engage and impress.

One of the hottest trends right now is ‘Programmatic  buying’ coupled with ‘contextual awareness’. With these two, marketeers are starting to seed out their message to very targeted audiences on mobile devices. Let’s go over these and try to understand what they mean:

Programmatic buying

‘Programmatic buying’ uses software to automate the buying and selling of advertising space. This software can buy impressions for your company on apps and websites that correspond to the activity of your target audience.

Contextual awareness

Contextual awareness allows marketers to set geographically specific campaigns to people of a certain age or gender with a list of interests. This advertising is extremely targeted and relies on cookies and big data in order to become accessible to advertisers and marketers.

On top of these two, many brands choose to promote their product by releasing a free game app. The game has to be related to the product somehow, but other than that it can be just about any cool game that will encourage usage, at first stage, and brand awareness at the second stage.

Mobile Marketing and Analytics:

Because mobile users expect a exceptional experience on their devices, measuring analytics to track the efficiency of mobile advertising is becoming crucial for marketing success.

Brands need to use analytics to seek out the top performing pages and apps for their advertising spend. Analytics are also great to keep track of market segmentation and understand the areas that your target audience are exploring during their mobile internet usage time.

Both these areas will assist in refining your product or service mobile marketing strategy, a strategy which will ensure your business lies in the pocket of all those that can value from engaging with it.

Needless to say, if your website is not built responsively, now would be the time to have it converted to do so. As mobile internet usage increases, the desktop is in decline, therefore your website needs to be accessible from a mobile device 24/7.

The bounce rates acquired from the data from mobile analytics will help you to develop a mobile content strategy that improves your CRO across all devices. The thing is, mobile analytics is not as advanced as web analytics just yet. There are a lot of elements that separate between the end user and the data which is gathered and sent to your analytics platform. As a brand that is using an app to promote itself, there’s one way to overcome this – look on correlations between desktop traffic to your website and the time frame in which the mobile campaign was running.

It’s obvious mobile marketing is going to take a significant part of online, and even offline marketing. It’s exciting to see in which directions this will grow, kind of like the first days of web marketing where banners were brand new and search terms targeting was an amazing new frontier.

Are you currently developing a mobile marketing campaign? What’s working well for you?


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I'm a digital marketing consultant with over seven years professional experience. I've worked within huge UK based agencies alongside clients such as Google, Nokia and I went freelance 12 months ago and have since gathered clients on all continents. I regularly train and give seminars and have just been published in a top Danish marketing book.

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