Ranking Top Websites with Mobile Web

SimilarWeb now incorporates both desktop and mobile data when ranking the leading websites for any category (including Custom Categories) in the Top Websites section of Industry Analysis. We also show the mobile-desktop split for traffic and engagement stats, providing both quantitative (number of visits) and qualitative (visit duration, pages per visit and bounce rate) metrics for each of the top sites per category.

To understand the importance of these two traffic sources, grab a beverage and let’s examine the Food and Drink > Cooking and Recipes category for the month of July in the US market. Four out of the five top sites receive over 50% of their traffic from mobile sources – an indication that visitors are browsing for recipes on their hand-held devices, and even referring to them while cooking.


A closer look reveals that traffic share shifts between mobile and desktop. For example, allrecipes.com, the industry leader, receives 10.01% of desktop traffic compared to 15.84% of mobile traffic – an indication that the mobile market is more concentrated. Foodnetwork.com and food.com also receive a higher percentage of mobile versus desktop traffic. This may indicate that these sites invest more heavily in obtaining mobile traffic. We can also see that engagement rates differ considerably between desktop and mobile.



Use the mobile-desktop traffic split for Top Websites to:

  • Analyze a category’s total traffic from desktop as well as mobile sources
  • Discover the leading sites in each category and country by device, and segment the market
  • Qualify partners, customers, and leads based on differences in visits and engagement stats by device

Wondering how you can access of this wonderful data? You can find the Top Websites feature under the Industry Analysis module.


The All Traffic tab shows the traffic split between mobile and desktop, as well as the combined engagement metrics and monthly visits. Toggle between Desktop and Mobile at the upper right of your screen to view traffic and engagement stats by device.


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About the Author -

Josh Straus is a Marketing Communications Manager at SimilarWeb. When not immersing himself in competitive intelligence and digital marketing, Josh enjoys embarking on gastronomic adventures, climbing mountains, and studying medieval manuscripts.

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