Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona on February 22nd and the SimilarWeb team is extremely excited to be there. Our team will be located at stand F42 in hall 8.1. Stop by to learn how SimilarWeb can uncover your competitor’s digital data, and find out how SimilarWeb can be used to discover, decide, and deploy an effective digital strategy.


We aren’t the only ones excited about MWC, around the world excitement is building leading up to the event, and SimilarWeb data be used to discover insights into the MWC site. Looking at desktop and mobile daily traffic to the site, there has been a large increase in traffic over the last several months. From November 1st, 2015 to February 1st, 2016 the site grew from 2,000 visits to 54,000 visits, a whopping increase of 2600%. This traffic came mostly from desktop devices, though 30% of the traffic came from mobile devices which accounted for 440,000 visits over the period we examined.

daily traffic


Over the period from January 11th to February 7th, 55% of traffic to came from search, with the top search terms being: “mobile world congress”, “mwc”, and “mobile world congress 2016”.  These 3 search terms were responsible for 70% of the website’s organic search traffic. After organic search, the next largest traffic source is ‘direct’ with 21% of traffic coming to the site directly. Next, referral traffic accounts for 16%, and 4 other traffic sources make up the final 8%.traffic sources



This referral traffic is dominated by which led the pack with 38% of MWC’s recent referral traffic. Interestingly, WhatsApp’s desktop service, was third on the list of referrals and is responsible for 2.5% of recent desktop referral traffic to the MWC site.referring



Looking at the geographic breakdown, MWC is clearly a huge international event as the top 10 countries only account for 64% of total traffic. The other 36% comes from over 100 countries across the globe who are all excited about this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Picture3


Looking forward to seeing you there, to get in touch simply contact us here, and follow us on Twitter for more updates and to connect with us at the event.

See you in Barcelona!

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