Mobile Analytics Now Available on SimilarWeb

We’re proud to announce the release of two new exciting sections in SimilarWeb:

  1. Top App Rankings
  2. Mobile App Analytics (Beta)

Both sections are available at Here’s a quick guide for using them:

1. Top App Rankings

Our Top Apps section provides rank progress information for any mobile application, iOS or Android, divided by:


2. Mobile App Analytics

What to search?

You can access the Mobile App Analytics feature in the same way you access the website analytics – simply type a domain in the search box.
When looking for information about a specific app, we recommend running the search for the app developer’s website, rather than the app’s website. This will give you a broader picture about both the app and the developer. For instance, if you want information about ‘Angry Birds’, type ““. Click the ‘Apps’ button on the sidebar to be taken to the Mobile App analytics section.


Browsing Through the Mobile App Analytics Section:

SimilarWeb mobile app analytics include information from both the App Store and Google Play Store. Select any app to open its analytics panel with information such as: ranking graph, rank changes, number of reviews and ratings.


You can add or remove countries from the Ranking graph by checking or unchecking the box next to each country:


When working on these two new mobile features, our main goal was to map all domains which are connected to mobile apps and we spent a lot of time and thinking about the most efficient solution which will give our users the option to see both the web analytics and the mobile apps stats for any given domain. We were happy to finally reach that goal and offer SimilarWeb’s users the best mobile analytics experience.

This is just the first of many upcoming mobile analytics updates which we are planning to release in 2014 for both SimilarWeb and SimilarWeb PRO. We’re depending on getting your feedback, so don’t hold back! Let us know what you think about our Mobile Analytics and Top Apps pages, and please include any additional features you’d like to see.

Here are some examples:

About the Author -

Natalie Halimi is the Head of Marketing Communications & Education at SimilarWeb. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has promoted services and products in the B2C and B2B arenas, in various industries.

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