Our Next Big Thing. Display Advertising Insights on SimilarWeb.

Every day, we receive lots of feedback with amazing suggestions on how to improve SimilarWeb. Since we launched our competitive intelligence tool, one of the features mostly requested was for us to show more insights about the advertising campaigns driving traffic to other websites. This is something that is particularly helpful for users who want to make SimilarWeb their one-stop-shop for insights on website traffic activity.

So we are developing a new ‘Display’ feature that will let you learn more about your competitors advertising efforts. SimilarWeb’s technology and data will show you the leading websites in which banners are placed and which are the main ad networks they’re using to advertise. But there’s more, with the help of our friends from WhatRunsWhere we’ll also show you the creative of the advertising banners used by the websites you’re researching.

The new ‘Display’ feature will be available very soon but we wanted to share with you our first design mock-ups so you get a chance to feedback. We’d love to hear your suggestions – after all, we’re creating it for you!

There are three key components to our new ‘Display’ section on SimilarWeb:

  1. List of 10 paid referring sites (Publishers): to help you find some of the most effective domains in which are the banners are being placed.
  2. Chart with leading ad networks used by this website when buying display advertising.
  3. Window showing selection of Adverts (text, image, flash and hybrid)

Below you can see the design for our new ‘Display’ section. It’s split in two screens: the first one will show you the list of leading referring sites and an overview of the main ad networks used.

SW Light Website Analysis - Display

To see the banner creative simply click on the ‘SHOW ME’  button.

SW Light Website Analysis - Display

A new window will open up in which you’ll be able to view a selection of advertising banners.


SW Light Website Analysis - Display Popup

So, tell us, what do you think of our new ‘Display’ feature? Leave a comment below or you can also let us know on Facebook & Twitter. We’re all ears.



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