Pokémon GO Compared to Other Popular Apps

It’s official. Pokémon GO has more Daily Active Users than Twitter, and if the trend continues, it is poised to take on Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other popular social apps.

As of Monday, July 11th, Pokémon GO had already reached 10.8% of US Android phones with many users actively and heavily using the app. Consequently, our data shows that 5.9% of all US Android owners used the app on July 11th, 46% more than the 4.1% who used the Twitter app on the same day. Furthermore, when we compare Pokémon GO to other apps, we notice that it also passed Pandora® Radio, Netflix, Hangouts, and Spotify Music for Daily Active Users on July 11th.

Pokémon GO Compared to Other Popular Apps

When examining data on Current Installs, as of July 11th, Pokémon GO had yet to pass any of the above apps, though it is closing in on Spotify Music (17%) and Twitter (20%). As of July 11th, Pokémon GO has reached 10.8% of all Android phones in the US, which still puts the app ahead of many well-known apps, some of which have been around for years.

Compared to other popular games, Pokémon GO already beats both Candy Crush Saga (8.7%) and Clash of Clans (5.2%) on Current Installs, this less than a week since the app’s US release. When looking at other apps, we can also discover that Pokémon GO already has a larger reach than Viber, LinkedIn, ESPN, iFunny, Lyft, musical.ly, and Tinder.

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Meanwhile, interest in Niantic, the Developer behind Pokémon GO, has been at an all-time high. On July 11th, nianticlabs.com had 1,171,000 visits on desktop and mobile web, the highest number of one-day visits in the site’s history. In all of June 2016, the site had 1,082,000 visits on desktop and mobile web, meaning that July 11th eclipsed all of June by 8%.


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