Popular Netflix Shows Unite East & West Coasts

The East Cost vs West Coast feud is something that the hip-hop world won’t soon forget. And in the following years the rivalry spawned a variety of competitions and comparisons between the opposite coastlines of the United States, with particular focus on New York and California.

We’re no exception. Jumping on the East v. West bandwagon, we took a look at how entertainment trends vary from coast to coast.

We dove into SimilarWeb’s popular pages feature in order to get a detailed view of the streaming service Netflix. Were New Yorkers  watching the same shows as their  California contemporaries?New York Netflix


New York and California Netflix users love the same 13 out of 15 popular TV shows, although the order for each list is different, the top 2 shows are the same: Both New Yorkers and Californians are crazy for the comic-based action show Daredevil and the animated sitcom Bob’s Burgers.California Netflix


But it seems that regardless of where TV show viewers live, everyone just loves anything involving the Big Apple: our analysis of Netflix streaming data reveals that sitcoms, superheroes, and dramas with a New York City connection dominate the most popular shows for both East and West coast Netflix customers. Of course, our Netflix streaming data shows that California subscribers also prefer a small dose of reality TV with Top Gear and Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover. Is it because Hollywood is like the Mecca for reality TV shows?

There’s one TV show that really stands out on our list. It’s the only TV show that hasn’t been on the air for years, and ended in a time long before streaming became the norm for viewers. It’s Friends, the popular long-running sitcom which went off the air more than 10 years ago. Yet people are still tuning in – or rather, streaming in – to watch their favorite seasons from the beloved show.  The show is still so popular, in fact, that it came in at the very top of both lists (#3 for New York, #4 for California).

TV shows may come and go, but clearly Friends are forever.

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