SimilarWeb Launches ‘SimilarWeb Portrait’

SimilarWeb is proud to announce the release of ‘SimilarWeb Portrait’ a new feature developed by SimilarWeb’s new Mobile R&D division formed after the acquisition of Silicon Valley-based Quettra last year. Portrait is based on the core technology developed by Quettra for mobile app user intelligence.

SimilarWeb Portrait uses inferred analytics and advanced statistical algorithms to build a profile or “Portrait” of the user, including age, gender, interests and favorite brands, without retaining any personally identifying information.unnamed (1)

This data is available within milliseconds of the app’s installation, and can be used by developers to personalize their app, creating a more targeted user experience which will dramatically improve retention and deepen engagement.

>User retention and engagement are two of the most pressing issues for app developers and in some cases, a user’s first interaction with an app can also be their last. In fact, most apps lose more than 77% of users within three days of installation. For more on the data behind uninstalls, find our comprehensive Uninstall Report here. With SimilarWeb Portrait, developers will have the tools they need to personalize their app’s experience, dramatically improving and enhancing the overall user journey and experience.

Now, with the entire SimilarWeb suite of tools, not only can app makers understand their own users at a much deeper level, but they can also look externally at their competitors, to benchmark their performance against their competitors and industry.

The release of SimilarWeb Portrait is part of SimilarWeb’s investment in delivering data solutions to assist businesses to discover, decide and deploy their digital strategy. For the first time, SimilarWeb now offers, not only competitive market intelligence tools, but also the ability for developers to leverage this global data to analyze their own user base and personalize their apps accordingly.


SimilarWeb Portrait is open now for registration – sign up now at

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