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content-marketing5All marketeers know that one of the most powerful types of B2B marketing is content marketing. It’s an important frontier to explore as the potential for showcasing content and enticing new customers is immense. SlideShare is the next logical step in this evolution as it allows businesses to showcase their content to potential customers and ultimately acts as a lead generator. We’ve decided to take a look at it and see how it can give your potential customers added value.



About SlideShare


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SlideShare was unleashed on the web in 2006 and offered businesses a tool to showcase slide presentations online in formats such as PowerPoint, PDF and OpenDocument. Combining text and images in innovative ways, these presentations can be embedded on your website to communicate your message to potential customers. Currently, 16 million users are registered with SlideShare and this illustrates the level of their success.

Make your content informative

By serving up educational and valuable information you can convert prospects into customers. Due to the do-it-yourself nature of the web, there’s a LOT of BAD content cluttering up blogs and websites. Educational and valuable informative content, therefore, can combine to provide great content and make you stand apart from your rivals. This informative advantage allows you to set your brand up as an authority on your given market and helps in narrowing your conversion funnel. Here on the SimilarWeb blog we recently used SlideShare to showcase a presentation on how to build your online marketing plan:


This particular slide shows how we chose our main message and is informative rather than plugging services we produce which could help you understand your main message.

Adding Value

Potential customers want to feel as though they’re getting extra value and if you can connect with them emotionally you can find common ground. A great way of doing this is weaving stories into your SlideShare presentations that engage your prospects. Concentrating on their interests in this way allow the prospect to experience extra value whilst building a bond to your brand. A great example of this is the ‘Sales & Marketing Love Story’ presentation put together by LinkedIn and HubSpot:



Almost everyone has been involved in some type of love story at some point, so immediately, LinkedIn and HubSpot have hooked the interests of a large group of people and created wide opening for the conversion funnel.

Some Entertainment

Keeping prospects entertained is very important in the conversion process. SlideShare’s ability to use big, bold graphics means they’re the perfect tool to entertain with. Upworthy – the meme site – put together an excellent presentation which combined their love of memes with an interactive edge to maximize conversion to their call to action:


By getting the prospect to interact with the presentation, in this case, they’re encouraged to keep reading to the end. Little touches like this mean that the prospect has an incentive to watch the whole presentation and is more likely to convert due to this engagement.

Stay Credible

One important thing to keep aware of is that you need to keep your content marketing credible. Take Upworthy, for example, they don’t start trying to promote something that they aren’t – they stick to their products core feature by featuring memes throughout the presentation. Their site is all about FUN and not so they’re not focusing on the psychology of why you should buy into it. Credible content , therefore, needs to be produced for the customer’s benefit rather than forcing a sales pitch on to the prospect.

B2B Marketing

Another important point to take with you from this post is the type of target audience you can access with Slideshare. If you ever worked in online marketing for a B2B Company, you’re probably aware of the difficulties of finding ways to access your customers. B2B products or services usually include longer conversion funnels with potential customers making informed decisions. For this reason, approaching them with engaging and informative content will work the best. SlideShare gives you that and with its sharing and embedding options you can spread the word about your presentation through your social accounts and website/blog.

Begin Presentation

SlideShare is definitely a tool you want to employ alongside your content marketing. It allows you to create informative, entertaining and credible experiences for your prospects. With the right presentation, you can send these prospects down your conversion funnel and grow your customer base.

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