PR NewsWire Are Showing Signs of Recovery from the Google Penalty They Suffered in Q3 of 2014

I recently received a message, through LinkedIn, from one of our users of the free version of SimilarWeb. The message sparked my inspiration and led to this very article you’re reading about PR NewsWire.  The whole story was kick started by an article we published in July 2014, asking if PR NewsWire will recover from incurring a major Google Penalty. I decided to share the original message with our readers, after confirming it with the sender, since I believe our blog readers might also appreciate these stats.

Here’s the original message:

On 11/11/14 11:20 PM, Andriy Mishchenko wrote:

I’m curious about an article you posted back in the summer, over at

It had some data from Similarweb showing PR NewsWire organic traffic dipping sharply down. 

An update to the post would be fantastic. Do you think PR NewsWire is still strongly affected by penalties, a few months since? SearchMetrics/SEMRush seem to show their site slowly climbing back in organic – but I don’t have access to the SimilarWeb data you posted.

I’m thinking about using PR NewsWire and was wondering what their potential is in terms of getting traffic to my site.

Thanks in advance for your advice!


Andriy Mishchenko
Director of Marketing

This was my reply:

First of all, why don’t you have a SimilarWeb PRO account? 🙂

It’s good to get feedback about articles on our blog and to know that our data is part of your marketing decision making process.

We don’t usually give away stats from our premium platform for free, but since you’ve helped point out a possible general interest for a follow up article, I’d be happy to share the current search traffic stats of PR NewsWire with you.

Here is the updated data:

PR NewsWire had an increase by around 45% in search traffic to their site. Comparing all traffic sources, search seems to be the strongest source with over 50% of the traffic share.

Looking at these numbers, I think it’s safe to say that PR NewsWire are starting to catch up with their previous number of search visits, before they got hit by the Google penalty.

I hope this information will help you decide whether you start working with them or not.

Here are some images, to back this data up:

PR NewsWire Search Traffic Recovery

PR NewsWire Traffic Sources Breakdown

Other than providing useful information to our readers, we feel that we also owe it to PR NewsWire to update the world about their current stats, after raising this question to begin with.

If you have similar queries about posts we’ve published in the past, you’re welcome to send them over. We don’t promise to answer everything, but we’ll do the best we can in terms of providing you with useful information for your online marketing strategies.


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