In Russia, Prisma Beats Pikachu

It’s been almost a month since Prisma was introduced to the Google Play Store and we decided to take a closer look to discover how the image-editing phenomenon has expanded its global presence.

Prisma is a photo-editing app that uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to edit your photos by imitating different artists and styles. The app turns any picture you want into a masterpiece work of art with just the click of a button. The app was developed by the Russian startup Prisma Labs.

While impressive, Prisma is not the only image-editing app to come from the region this year. In February, MSQRD, a video transformation app which also uses AI technology, was released by a Belorussian startup and quickly shot to the top of the app store. Only a few days after its release, on March 9th, the app was acquired by Facebook for an undisclosed amount.

Similar to MSQRD, Prisma was first launched on iOS and was only released for Android in late July. Using SimilarWeb data, we can discover that on August 20th, Prisma passed MSQRD on US Android installs.

prisma msqrd

Meanwhile in Russia, the app’s home-base, Prisma has already passed the viral app of the year, Pokémon GO. As of late August, Prisma reached 3.7% of Russian Android phones, while Pokémon GO reached 3.5%.

prisma pokemon russiaOverall, the app’s strongest market isn’t Russia or the US – it’s India. In India, the app now reaches over 10% of Android phones, and only a few days after launch, it had already surged past Snapchat on installs. Furthermore, the app is on track to beat out Myntra on Indian installs, as both apps reach around 11% of Android phones. In India, Myntra is the 4th largest shopping app though it is owned by Flipkart, the largest shopping app in India.

prisma snapchat india

Elsewhere around the globe, Prisma is extremely popular in Turkey, Ukraine, Indonesia, and Hungary, and reaches over 4% of Android phones in those countries.

ww installs

With its wealth of worldwide installs the next step for Prisma is deploying the right monetization model. Unlike Instagram, which shows ads as you scroll, Prisma is experimenting with sponsored filters such as #GettUrban sponsored by Gett taxi.

In Russia, Prisma beats Pikachu

Modified using the #GettUrban Prisma filter (Gett logo added for effect)

Given the app’s crazy popularity in India, Ola cabs, the top ride-hailing app In India, may want to consider using Prisma as a platform to advertise its brand, especially given the threat Ola cabs faces from Uber in the country.

header image credit (modified using Prisma app)

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