Digital Strategies for the Auto Industry

Twenty years ago, purchasing a car involved a significant amount of time and legwork. In today’s world of digital convenience, consumers inevitably start the process of buying or leasing a car by searching for brands, models, and features. They drive on the Web’s superhighway to find visually engaging information and details provided by auto manufacturers and dealers to inform their purchasing decisions.

What are prospective buyers looking for when they begin their sales journeys? SimilarWeb’s report helps answer that very question and many more. The report looks at which brands are leading in organic and paid search, and how search itself has become the real driver of traffic for both car and truck brands.


Tesla’s EV (Electric Vehicle) brand, associated with all things green and environmentally friendly, is one of the vehicle manufacturers leading online search. This proves just how quickly the industry and consumer interests are changing and this search traffic is almost entirely organic.

When looking at actual search terms, the most searched for vehicle in America is the iconic Ford Mustang and the runner-up in search, is the classic Honda Civic. The complete list as well as more insights on vehicle searches can be found inside the report.


Download the Auto Industry Report to discover:

• Auto industry trends in organic and paid search

• Top automakers by traffic share

• The most searched for vehicles in America

• One brand’s most popular car configurations

• Tesla’s online search and marketing success

About the Author -

Joel Zand is a content manager and researcher at SimilarWeb. With extensive content marketing and social media experience, he is a former practicing lawyer who worked at the legal startups Justia and FindLaw. Joel is passionate about Apple technology and dogs.

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