German Online Retailers See Growth in Mobile Visits

Germany’s mobile web traffic to online retailers grew significantly in Year-over-Year traffic. Although its mobile shopping traffic lags behind the U.K., 2016 could be a game-changer for German e-retailers. The country’s online shopping categories may see even more than the 9% increase in mobile web visits that they had last year.

In this report, we looked at Year-over-Year German traffic to a variety of shopping websites to discover important changes in desktop and mobile web traffic for the country’s e-commerce industry.

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Similar to the UK and France, visits from Direct and Search remain the two main traffic drivers for Germany’s online retailers. Nine of the 14 German shopping categories analyzed receive 40% or more of their desktop traffic from Search.

German Online Retailers See Growth in Mobile Visits

Referral, E-mail, and Display Ad visits plummeted for the majority of shopping categories studied, although Coupon sites saw enormous desktop e-mail visits at the end of 2015.

SimilarWeb ranked the Top 10 retailers across 14 different shopping categories in Germany for 2015. To see this list of 140 leading online stores, learn about strategies that they deployed, and how well they are engaging with German shoppers, download the new report.

German Online Retailers See Growth in Mobile Visits

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