REPORT: Multichannel vs. Online-only Retailers

multichannel-coverThe Multichannel vs. Online-only Retail Report reveals retail giants like Amazon and eBay have mastered the art of capturing and keeping shoppers engaged. Most retailers who began in traditional brick-and-mortar stores are not performing as well —  Kohl’s and IKEA visitors spend an average of 7:49 minutes on site, almost 120 seconds less than Amazon and eBay.




Looking at the top 25 online U.S. retailers by volume of web traffic, we compared online-only retailers with multichannel retailers that transitioned their business from physical storefronts to develop successful websites and apps. The e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay receive more traffic than the other 23 retailers combined.


Multichannel retailers have an advantage in their physical presence, but they must balance the cost of brick and mortar presence with the unique marketing and engagement needs of an online retailing operation. Traditional retailers have to leverage their name and brand recognition to capture attention online. In order to do so, they must work to improve engagement metrics and provide shoppers with a customer experience that compliments the physical storefornt.



Download the Multichannel vs. Online-Only Retailers Report to discover:





♦ How multichannel retailers are performing compared to the online-only giants


♦ Which key engagement metrics retailers should be focusing on and improving


♦ Who emerged as the top multichannel retailer winners this holiday season









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