The State of Mobile Web – US 2015

The explosion of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the world in many ways, and it has also transformed how we use the internet. In a study of the leading websites in the US in 2015, an astounding 55.7% of all Q4 traffic came from mobile devices, compared to only 48.7% in Q4 2014, a rise of 14%. Additionally, as of early 2016, Google Chrome is the second most-used app among Android users in the US. These are good indications of the growing dominance of mobile devices, and the importance for websites and industries to create mobile friendly web experiences.


SimilarWeb’s report on the state of the Mobile Web provides a macro overview of mobile web usage across 24 industries, based on a study of the leading 10,000 most mobile sites in the US in 2015.

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This report provides benchmarking measures for mobile web traffic, engagement metrics, and industry specifics for: Travel, Shopping, Finance, Jobs and Employment, and Telecommunications.

As you plan for optimizing your digital strategy, the Mobile Web White Paper offers important insights to help you discover, decide, and deploy a better, more mobile-friendly strategy.



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Hillá Meller is a Digital Insights and Content Manager at SimilarWeb. Hillá comes from the world of Nonprofit management, loves to cook, and is a history nerd.

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