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2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the online gaming industry. Regulatory changes are taking place and many operators are looking towards consolidation to deal with the changing game field. With impending mergers and acquisitions and a new point of consumption tax 2016 should be an extremely interesting year for the industry

How did the introduction of the point of consumption tax affect web traffic in 2015? SimilarWeb’s online sports betting report helps answer that question and many more. The report looks at how external factors are affecting the industry and describes how brands are coping with this new reality.


SimilarWeb data shows that despite the new tax going into effect in December 2014, web traffic actually grew in 2015 for some of the biggest online gaming sites in the UK. This increase in traffic to the big brands such as and possibly came at the expense of other, smaller brands, who experienced a decrease in traffic over the same time period.


Overall, there was a 12% increase for the major brands surveyed. The distribution of the traffic itself was interesting, with many of the major gaming brands receiving a huge push in the first half of the year but slowing down in the second half.

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