Uninstalls- The Data Behind Deleted Apps

Mobile users have a delicate relationship with apps: they have lots of them, love a few of them, and delete many others. An app’s lifespan – from the moment that it’s first installed, until the moment it’s removed from a smartphone or tablet — is an inherently complex process.

Users go on a lot of ‘first dates’ with apps, but will often decide which ones they want to stop using within the first 3-7 days. This means that the real challenge for developers is getting people to fall in love with their apps during that crucial first week.

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Different app categories have varied lifespans and even if an app is not used immediately after it was installed, months may pass before it is finally deleted. Other apps, have extremely low uninstall rates and in the graph below, you can find 10 global apps with extremely low uninstall rates.uninstalls

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Report Highlights:

  • How uninstalls can affect your ASO (App Store Optimization)
  • Retention and install rate differences between gaming and non-gaming apps
  • Which app categories have better app install and usage rates
  • What apps have the highest and lowest uninstall rates

Uninstalls- The Data Behind Deleted Apps

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