From Russia with Rubles: Online Shopping Trends 2015 – 2016

SimilarWeb looked at YoY Russian traffic to shopping websites in our new report, Russian Online Retailers -Yearly Review.

The share of Russia’s mobile web shopping traffic seriously lags behind retail traffic in U.K. and Germany, and is more on par with France.

One key discovery in the report is the seasonal nature of retail website traffic in Russia. The following heat map reveals how in December luxury categories like jewelry, gifts, and consumer electronics saw their website traffic rise for Christmas shopping.

From Russia with Rubles: Online Shopping Trends 2015 - 2016

While Russian wedding retailers grew their online traffic in the spring and summer of 2015, this trend wasn’t repeated in 2016. Some believe that this is due to a national superstition about Leap Year bringing bad luck.

Organic search is a key traffic driver for Russia’s e-retailers. Twelve of the 15 Russian online shopping categories researched secured more than 40% of their desktop traffic this April from organic Search.

Overall, year over year desktop Russian retail traffic from Referrals plummeted 8.5%, while Direct visits dropped 8%. Organic Search rose 7% YoY and the share of Social visits via desktop grew 56%.

SimilarWeb ranked the Top 10 retailers across 15 different shopping categories in Russia for 2015. Download the new report to see the list, learn about strategic opportunities, and discover how different retailers are engaging with Russian shoppers.

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