Santa doesn’t live in the North Pole, he lives on the web. The search for Christmas spirit is on!

Merry Christmas!

You might be surrounded by friends and/or family today, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a break. So I’ll make this post short and entertaining(ish).

I love the concept of Christmas. There aren’t enough moments in our busy routines to spend with our loved ones – and life is short. Over the last century, many individuals and organizations have tried to get a piece of Christmas to sell ideas or products – from Chatroulette to Terry Richardson.

We often see celebrities dressed up in a skimpier version of what Coca Cola thought Santa should look like. The funny part is that year after year, Santa beats the biggest celebrities on the planet. The chart below shows Google Searches for Santa, Rihanna and Katy Parry since 2005. It’s clear that the appetite for Santa, and everything that we expect from him are still alive on the internet. 2009 is an exception, the only year that had a highest peak of searches for Rihanna than Santa – sadly, this peak wasn’t linked to her talent as an artist and performer.


Santa Claus Web Searches by Google Trends

I thought Santa lived in the North Pole, so I used SimilarWeb to analyze which is one of the biggest Santa-related sites on the web (Ranked 20,768th most popular site in US!). When looking at the top organic search keywords we see that the appetite is strong for Santa, Christmas and the North pole, but also things such as Christmas games and recipes. So yes, people care about the Christmas spirit as well as wanting to cook special foods and have some fun!

northpole-similarweb Website Traffic Analysis by

Advertising is a reflection of what society thinks, wants and likes. And so is web traffic, that’s why I love SimilarWeb. Search keywords are a fantastic way to tap into people’s minds and hearts. And creativity is a wonderful way to touch them. Some brands like John Lewis went for nostalgia this year. Others like NBA chose to make the most of their basketball players to turn their fine skills into entertainment. And my favorite one is this WestJet campaign which wonderfully brings the sense of surprise and gratitude in an unexpected way.

It might be a cliche, but I do think that home is where the heart is. Wherever you are, I hope you’re reading this at home.

On behalf of SimilarWeb’s team, Merry Christmas.

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