Search Trends for ‘Hangover cure’ the morning after New Year’s Eve

One of the most beautiful things about tracking online trends is discovering how human behavior correlates with offline events.

In anticipation of the painful recoveries that are sure to come after the crazy New Year’s Eve parties, we decided to examine the trend of a tried-and-true New Year’s tradition – hangover cure.

The Mission: Check if there’s an increase in searches for the term ‘hangover cure’ on the morning of January 1st.

The Means: Google Trends – a great web trends analysis tool that uncovers search trends for any keyword by date and location.

Time Range: November to January from 2008 to 2013.

*By the way, if you’re wondering if this is how online marketing geeks pass their New Year’s Eve, the sad answer is yes.

So, what did we find?

The not so surprising discovery:

As you can see in the graphs below, the 1st of January consistently holds the record for search volume for this term.

The surprising discovery:

This search term has been consistently rising since 2008 – which either means that there are more and more people getting drunk on New Year’s Eve, or that Google is simply improving their analysis algorithms.

So,  in this morning of pounding headaches, a severe case of memory loss, and the standard temporary suicidal tendency, know at least this – you are not alone!



Happy new year from the SimilarWeb team, and don’t forget…lots of water!

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