Deposit This: How SEM, PPC, and Display Ads Get Banks Customers

Knowing what drives consumers and businesses to rival bank websites, and uncovering competitors’ most popular and trending financial products, can help make the difference between a profitable quarter and a poor one.

SimilarWeb’s latest banking and financial services industry report, How Search and Display Ads Drive Consumers to Banks, helps online marketing managers learn what bank products and services people find organically, via pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, as well as display ads.

Bank PPC ad campaign data for mortgages

Using SimilarWeb’s SaaS-based Popular Pages tool for desktop and mobile web, the report shows how banks can check their rivals’ most popular products viewed online to see how well competitors’ campaigns are actually working. The results of industry competitors’ organic search, PPC, and display ad efforts can each be examined via Popular Pages.

Some of the online banking report highlights include:

  • How to use organic search data to discover what bank products and services competitors’ customers seek
  • Why PPC data can reveal a bank’s newly promoted products
  • How display ads increase brand identity and familiarity with new financial products.

To learn more, download the report now!

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About the Author -

Joel Zand is a content manager and researcher at SimilarWeb. With extensive content marketing and social media experience, he is a former practicing lawyer who worked at the legal startups Justia and FindLaw. Joel is passionate about Apple technology and dogs.

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