Use Keyword Analysis to Become an SEO Superhero

From “Donald Trump” to “restaurants near me” These are the World’s Most Popular Searches

To mark the launch of SimilarWeb’s new product feature, Keyword Analysis, we have uncovered the most significant online searches, in news, retail, travel and banking.

While excluding company searches, this analysis identifies the most popular desktop keywords driving traffic to sites in these four sectors over the last three months. The study also reveals which companies are taking the biggest slice of market share for these searches.

These keyword insights will help SEO managers uncover the top keywords and discover which of their competitors are winning visits from the most popular searches in each industry.

News & Media

“Donald Trump” beats “Hillary Clinton”

Despite a rocky relationship with the media, online news audiences cannot get enough of The Donald. Generating 11.8 million searches a month, the keyword “Donald Trump” is far and away the biggest driver of search traffic to news sites. The biggest winner from Trump traffic is The Washington Post which secured a 14.2% share of this traffic, followed by CNN with 12.7%, and The New York Times with 9.4%.

The Republican Presidential nominee was searched for at a rate of more than three times his Democratic rival “Hillary Clinton” which was only the seventh most popular keyword in the news industry. Clinton searches were even less popular than “Bernie Sanders” who secured almost double the search volume with 6.7 million monthly searches to Clinton’s 3.8 million.

Aside from being popular, Donald Trump is also an extremely expensive search term, with a CPC of $3.85, compared to $2.26 for Hillary Clinton and just $1.16 for Taylor Swift, the tenth most popular news keyword.

With 22% of all desktop news traffic arriving via Organic Search, understanding these patterns is vital in generating content based on trending keywords for the industry. Behind Trump, the second most important search term was “Brexit” won primarily by three UK sites: The Telegraph (11.2%), The Guardian (6%), and The BBC (5.9%).

Other major keywords in the news category include “Pokémon Go” which was won by Forbes (partly thanks to us),“Game of Thrones” where Vox claimed the Search Iron Throne, “Turkey” taken by CNN, “iPhone 7” which was also won by Forbes, and “Taylor Swift” which left a blank space for E!.

Use Keyword Analysis to Become an SEO Superhero


Phones Are Popular, but So Is Chewbacca

Premium tech products, including the iPhone 5s, PS4, Sony Xperia, and LG G4, dominate searches to online retail sites.

In almost all cases, the device makers win market share for their own products. For example, accounted for more than two thirds of the visits from Sony Xperia’s 1.6 million searches, gained one fifth of the visits for the “Redmi 3”, and PlayStation websites picked up nearly a fifth of traffic from “pS4”. However, this still leaves plenty of room for search savvy retailers to get in on the action, including Flipkart who won 3.7% of the traffic share for Redmi Note 3 or GameSpot who managed 2.7% of the traffic share for the PlayStation 4.

In the hunt for these must-have devices, we also see the power broker status of one site: The tech news and review site attracts 31 million pageviews monthly in the U.S alone and is the second biggest winner for traffic searches for the “Redmi Note 3”. GSM Arena also ranked in second place for both “iPhone 5s” and “LG G4”. The site is a major referrer of traffic and sends thousands of readers to, a retail site which relies heavily on this referral traffic.

shopping goods

For more generic search terms, the most popular is “SSD” (solid state drive) which sends the bulk of its traffic going to Japanese price-comparison engine

Finally, Chewbacca Mom may have bought the world’s most famous Star Wars mask at Kohl’s but the department store site picks up only 0.37% of traffic from “Chewbacca Mask”. Instead market share was dominated by YouTubeWalmart, Amazon, and Target.

shopping generic

Travel and Local

Hungry for Paid Traffic

In travel, the biggest brands dominate the industry’s search traffic from keywords such as “flights”, “hotels”, and “airline tickets”.

The fight for flight keywords is one of the most important in the industry and of the 2.7 million monthly desktop visits for “flights”, lands the biggest market share, followed by and

For “car rental” picks up 18.7% of market share compared to (16.1%), and (9.7%).

The most expensive travel keyword at $3.78 is “restaurants near me”, won by a landslide by three of TripAdvisor’s domains, who collectively take nearly half the overall market share.

Though big brands dominate, newer players can use a deeper analysis to examine less competitive, and less costly, keywords for their SEO strategies and PPC campaigns. Pursuing a number of longer-tail and/or less popular terms can generate a significant amount of increased traffic. Even among the top keywords, a number of smaller players still gain traffic, such as which beat Trivago and Expedia for “hotel” traffic, despite receiving around 30 times less traffic than these major players.


Banking and Finance

Good Karma for Credit

In banking, finance, and credit, websites need to dig deep as the most popular search terms are also among the costliest. The most expensive online search in our study, “Credit Score”, costs an average of over $20 per click. This powerful traffic targets an online audience who know that accessing and understanding their credit score may be their next click to qualifying for the best mortgage rates.

Here the winner is, a credit and financial management platform for US consumers. It is closely followed by which took 26.1% of the market share for the term.

In Finance, the role of online advisors is also evident and popular searches include “tax calculator” which primarily sends users to the financial advice site,, a site which also ranks for “credit score”.

Finally, “investing”, generates 1.17 million searches a month, securing a 97% market share for the global financial portal and internet brand,, a site with 27 editions and published in 21 languages.


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