SEO, PPC and Display Ad Strategies

Deciding which keywords to target in your organic and pay-per-click (PPC) search strategies is both an art and a science, and Shopping websites in particular must be on top of their paid search marketing game.

  • Which keywords are your competitors bidding on?
  • How successful are they at driving shoppers to their websites?
  • What paid search and display ad tactics can you deploy to increase your traffic?

SimilarWeb’s new Global Search Marketing Report provides PPC and SEO professionals actionable insights on paid and organic keywords that send traffic to shopping websites worldwide. The report looks at 8 online shopping verticals, and examines their respective shares of traffic from search, display ads, and other online traffic sources.

For every 100 desktop visits to a Shopping website, approximately 1.3 of them — an estimated 1.32% — come from display ad traffic.

Display Ad traffic share - shopping website referrals

The combination of paid and organic search is a critical source of traffic to shopping websites. Five of the 8 Shopping categories receive their largest share of website traffic from a combination of organic and paid search visits. Three online shopping segments — Classifieds, Coupon sites, and General Merchandise — get the most traffic from direct visits.

Home and Garden is the online shopping category with the largest share of combined desktop PPC and organic search traffic, with 53.65% for January 2016.

SEO and PPC traffic share on shopping websites


Online shopping websites in the Sports category saw the largest share of paid search traffic, with 7.85% coming from PPC ads.

Here are the top 10 desktop paid and unpaid keyword searches for athletic brands and products in January.

PPC and SEO keywords for sports gear websites

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