Top Shopping Brands Getting Traffic from Buzzfeed and Huffington Post

Buzzfeed and Huffington Post are two of the largest and most popular media publishers in the world. In our 2015 media publishers ranking, ranked 5th overall and came in 10th, based on mobile web and desktop page-views. Together, these two publications combined for over 5 billion U.S. desktop and mobile visits in 2015 and also sent a significant amount of referral traffic to many other websites. Among websites getting referral traffic are a wide variety of shopping sites.

Discover the top 10 shopping brands that receive desktop traffic from Huffington Post and Buzzfeed:

buzzfeed top 10

HuffPo top 10

Though Amazon ranks highest overall, Forever 21, is featured on the top 5 of both lists. A Forever 21 competitor such as H&M, who ranked only 10th on the Huffington Post list, can use this data to decide on a marketing strategy that involves using Buzzfeed and/or Huffington Post more effectively for referral links.

When the data is looked at in reverse, retailers can discover the top 10 sites sending referral traffic to Forever 21 and H&M. While much of this traffic came from a variety of coupon and deal sites, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post still rank among the top 10 on both lists. Furthermore, some sites such as send significant traffic to Forever 21 but almost no traffic to H&M.

This referral traffic is extremely significant for any fashion brand and can heavily influence any brand’s digital strategy. In terms of actual visits, the traffic coming from these sites is quite substantial, for example, Buzzfeed sent 1,530,000 visits to Forever 21 but just 390,000 visits to H&M.

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