SimilarWeb Data Enrichment – Improved Traffic Sources Detection

In the coming days, we will release several data enrichment updates that will help you optimize your paid and organic user acquisition. These updates will significantly improve the detection of referrals, advertisers, publishers and ad networks, offering a more accurate presentation of your competitors’ referring and outgoing traffic.

As the Ad tech industry keeps evolving, and new ad-networks using unique technologies and tracking structures emerge, we are constantly adapting our algorithms to give you the most accurate representation of the industry at all times!

Main expected changes include:

  • The Display Advertising Section:
    • Traffic likely to increase for sites with a high share of paid display traffic
    • For publishers and ad networks, traffic through Outgoing Ads is likely to increase
    • Detection of Facebook as a Display Publisher across all advertisers
    • Detection of traffic share coming through ad-networks and publishers
  • The Referrals Section – since some referrals will be reclassified as publishers sending traffic via ads, we expect to be showing a decrease in traffic from this channel, as well as a decrease in the Outgoing Links section.
  • Traffic Sources Overview   – the changes described above will also be visible in the Traffic Sources Overview section, providing you with a more accurate representation of the split between referral and display ads traffic.


Industries that are more likely to be affected are ones that traditionally have a higher share of paid traffic. This includes, but not limited to: Gambling, Adult, Shopping, Travel, Entertainment and Food & Dining.

Please note that these changes will apply to data from April 2016 and on.

SimilarWeb is committed to providing you with the most accurate data. We will keep you informed, as we continue to enrich our data with improved collection techniques and refined algorithms.

Please feel free to contact your account manager for more information or to share your feedback.

About the Author -

Lior Degani Is a Product Marketing Manager At SimilarWeb. He has over 10 years of experience in internet companies, including his own content recommendation startup Swayy (acquired by SimilarWeb). Lior is specializing and mentoring startups in Go to Market strategy, launching new products into the market, and develop a product road map.

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