SimilarWeb: Much More Than Alexa

Following last week’s launch of SimilarWeb BETA, we’ve had a ton of feedback from internet professionals around the world that are super-excited about using SimilarWeb as a better alternative to Alexa.

This is great, but it is important for us to make sure our users know that SimilarWeb is much more than an alternative! The quality and depth of our insights will help you understand web traffic for any site in a completely different way.

We have developed groundbreaking features that aren’t available anywhere else – we thought it’d be a good idea to run through some of the cool features that set us apart from Alexa and other existing web measurement systems.

Here are 10 good reasons why our insights rock like no other:

1. Traffic Sources

We have divided the sources of traffic coming to a site into six types: Direct, Referrals, Search, Mail, Social and Display Ads. This enables us to show any website’s traffic DNA, and we’re proud to be the first research tool in the World to show a 360 snapshot of traffic like this. It is a great way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a website, discover where they’re putting their marketing efforts and how effective their search and social strategies are.

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

2. Engagement by Country

Users in different countries might be engaging with a website in different ways, that’s why we decided to show engagement metrics for the Top 5 Countries. This will help you find regional growth opportunities by discovering where the ‘heavily engaged’ users are.

image006 Country Engagement

3. Traffic Insights for Subdomains

SimilarWeb enables you to see the traffic for a specific subdomain. For every website, we’ll show you which are the 5 biggest subdomains which you can then analyze in isolation.


4. Referring Sites

Our list of referring sites shows you the top inbound links sending traffic to a site. This is a great way to find out the most influential sites sending direct traffic, whether they are affiliates, publications or blogs. We are the only tool showing 100% PURE referrals, which is not the same as websites visited before and after. The difference is that here you’ll be able to discover the most valuable inbound and outbound links.


5. Category Ranking

In addition to Global & Country ranking, we show the ranking for a site in its category to help people gain a better understanding of the competitive positioning within a specific industry.

Category Rank

6. Also Visited

To get a better idea of a website’s user profile, we provide you a list of websites which also visited. A powerful tool to understand more about your audience interests.

also visited websites

7. Organic vs Paid Search Traffic

Finding the top keywords is great but we help putting search activity in context by showing you the ratio of organic versus paid search traffic.

organic vs ppc

The way people search is constantly changing. And searches for images, shopping, maps and news are increasing. These bring new promotional opportunities to advertisers and will also help marketers understand how significant the different search channels for their competitor’s traffic are.

search channels

8. Social Traffic Sources

Social Media activity can be measured in many ways but SimilarWeb shows you the social networks sending more traffic to a website.

social traffic

9. SimilarSites

Discover new competitors or find new business leads with our comprehensive list of SimilarSites. You can choose to arrange the SimilarSites results by similarity or rank.


10. Top Websites

Find the biggest websites in the world by category and country – we’ve ranked them all so you can discover the most successful websites for your industry in a specific country.

Category Rank

We hope this will help you make the most of SimilarWeb, and make sure you join us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest traffic news!

Let us know how you’re using SimlarWeb and any exciting discoveries you have made using it in the comment box – we’d love to hear your thoughts on our brand new tool.

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