SimilarWeb PRO reveals your true traffic data with ‘not provided’ keywords

Rusty_PadlockGoogle Analytics has been a useful tool for website owners over the last couple of years. Identifying visitor trends and behavior is paramount in increasing traffic towards your site. Frustratingly, though, when searching through Google Analytics organic search report, users are often confronted with data labelled ‘not provided’.  This encryption occurs due to measures put in place by Google to ‘protect privacy’.

It affects organic search data rather than paid search data which has ruffled a few feathers with people who feel Google are just out to make a quick buck. It’s doubly frustrating as this lack of data affects website owner’s ability to measure their website’s potential to win more traffic. All is not lost though, riding through the digital realm like a knight in shining armor is SimilarWeb PRO!

How does SimilarWeb PRO giving you back your (not provided) keywords?

SimilarWeb PRO makes hunting down these elusive ‘not provided’ keywords a piece of cake. You simply enter the domain name and with just one click you’re confronted with a wealth of statistics. Click the ‘Traffic Source’ menu and then select the ‘Search’ submenu to find the holy grail of keywords i.e. ALL OF THEM IN ALL THEIR NAKED GLORY! Coupled with these exclusive keywords is the traffic share for individual keywords which indicates their value. We’ll take a look at some examples to see how they can help website owners examine their own website AND competitors’.

Ben Sherman


Top 10 non-branded keywords for Ben Sherman – by SimilarWeb PRO

Ben Sherman is a British heritage clothing brand which attracts around 10,000 daily visits to its website. SimilarWeb PRO showed me that 54% of their traffic originated from search engines, so it was an excellent candidate for investigating associated keywords.  It’s always a good idea to tick the ‘Exclude branded keywords’ box otherwise your results are skewed by traffic attributed to the brand name. Anyway, the extracted keywords highlight what their customers are searching for e.g. Harrington jackets, the Plectrum range and desert boots. If these were ‘not provided’ then Ben Sherman could be left wondering if people are really interested in their ‘derby shoes’. However, with SimilarWeb PRO, they’d even be able to tell which color people were searching for.

Merc Clothing


Top 10 non-branded keywords for Merc Clothing – By SimilarWeb PRO

One of Ben Sherman’s rivals in the UK are Merc Clothing who offer a similar British heritage range of clothing and 47% of their traffic comes via search engines. Their website receives around 2,000 visits a day, so the marketing bods at Ben Sherman are likely to be interested in their operations. Now, SimilarWeb PRO’s ability to bring up ‘not provided’ keywords would give Ben Sherman an insight into the traffic reaching Merc Clothing’s site. In this particular example, it would illustrate items of clothing not featured in Ben Sherman’s top keywords such as duffle coats, polo shirts and also the importance of the word ‘mod’ -a youth fashion style popularised by bands like The Who in the 1960s.

Remember – If Merc Clothing are only using Google Analytics, they see less than Ben Sherman can see on SimilarWeb PRO.

What does all this mean?

Ben Sherman would be able to understand the traffic coming to their own website and determine which products receive high customer interest. This could be used to promote these products online, influence marketing campaigns and promotions. Sorting the keywords by ‘Change’ would also point out the current trends associated with their product that need to exploited.

Looking over Merc Clothing’s statistics, Ben Sherman would be able to identify their competitors main selling points and identify the trends which influence this. Both brands have mod connotations, but only Merc Clothing appear to be making notable headway with traffic for this. A bit more emphasis on mod content and Ben Sherman could steal some traffic and, potentially, revenue from online sales. Ben Sherman also produce a duffle coat, so marketing this product more intensely could sway customers from Merc Clothing over to them.

The future of ‘not provided’ keywords

Google is directing more and more ‘not provided’ traffic to your website and affecting the ability to harvest keywords from organic search data. This is particularly galling for brands such as Merc Clothing who do not invest heavily in paid ads and miss out on chunks of data that Google deny them. It’s predicted that, in the near future, 100% of keywords will be ‘not provided’ by Google Analytics. Instead of launching tricky and time consuming SEO campaigns to mine the relevant data,  SimilarWeb PRO offers an opportunity to claw back your data from Google’s greedy hands with just a few clicks of your mouse. The resulting data can help enhance your website and observe how competitors are blindly gaining volumes of traffic that are yours for the taking.

To learn more about how you can use SimilarWeb PRO to get your not provided keywords and valuable web analytics of your competitors, contact us to set up a personal training session with our SimilarWeb PRO consultants.

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