SimilarWeb’s Exciting Spring: Fresh App Engagement Data, App Trends, and More Countries Covered for iOS and Android Apps

Spring is upon us, and at SimilarWeb we’re starting to see the fruits of our labor really paying off: May brings a bumper crop of new features with fresh data to share with our users. Here’s a quick overview of our most recent feature releases:

  • App Trends
  • Fresh Daily Data
  • Daily Active Users – New Metric for App Engagement
  • 176 more counties added to App Ranking
  • 12 months of data and custom date picker in Mobile Web


App Trends

Keeping track of trends is key to understanding the rapidly-evolving app arena. Previously this required the use of multiple analysis and tracking tools, reading App News magazines and visiting the store on a daily basis. But with App Trends we’ve simplified the process. Now you can get an instant view of the most important changes in the app world with the following widgets:

  • Top Trending Up Apps
  • Top Trending down Apps
  • New In Top 100 List Apps
  • Out of Top 100 Apps List


The rank in all of these widgets is based on two comparative metrics:

  1. SimilarWeb’s unique App Index metric that calculates an app value based on its current installs and active users (Available for Android apps only)
  2. Store Rank (Available for iOS and Android apps)

It’s interesting to compare between these two rank metrics, where you can sometimes see a discrepancy in the numbers – the success of an app is not necessarily indicated by its rank in the store.

App Trends is available with filtering for specific categories, countries, and store rank. You can also choose between iPhone and iPad (when filtering for ‘iOS’).



Fresh Daily Data and a New Metric on App Engagement!

We launched App Engagement this January  with great success. App Engagement boasts a variety of unique features that provide insights into any app’s real usage, retention and engagement rates.

Now we’re excited to announce the launch of two additional features for App Engagement that give even more insight into app competitive intelligence:

  1. The Last 28 Days Timeframe – Until now, fresh data was only available for our Website Analysis metrics. Now you can see daily data for our App Engagement metrics as well. For example, you can spot the launch of the new ‘Hello’ Facebook app:current-installs-hello-facebook-last-28-days


  1. We’ve added another metric to help you understand the engagement for any app. Now you can see:
    1. Current Installs – the daily average of users that installed the app out of all Android users
    2. Active App Users – the daily average of users that are using the app, out of all users that installed it
    3. New! Daily Active Users – the daily average of users that are using the app, out of all Android users. This allows you to benchmark the app’s daily active user rate with the general Android user rate.
    4. Sessions/Users – the daily average of app sessions per user
    5. Usage time/Sessions – the daily average of time spent on the app per session
    6. Country & Category App Index – a comparative index that is based on the app’s number of current installs and active users. This metric is benchmarked against the main country and category of that app.



Over 100 Countries Added to Our App Ranking

When it comes to App Analysis, broad is better. That’s because you want the widest coverage possible in order to keep track of your competitors’ app performance in local markets. In this latest release, we’ve greatly expanded on the number of countries available on our App Ranking features. We now cover 155 countries for iOS apps, and 99 countries for Android apps.


12 months of data and custom date picker in Mobile Web

The Mobile Web section was added to SimilarWeb PRO in August 2014. This section shows distribution of visits and engagement between desktop and mobile web traffic.

Up until now you were able to access 6 months of data for that section. We’ve now added stats going back 12 months, and added a custom date picker, allowing you to choose any time frame.




About the Author -

Natalie Halimi is the Head of Marketing Communications & Education at SimilarWeb. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Natalie has promoted services and products in the B2C and B2B arenas, in various industries.

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