Snapchat’s Newest Competitor in Asia

Self-destructing videos, fun camera filters, and a place to share video stories- sound familiar? If you’re thinking of Snapchat, you wouldn’t be wrong but the popular social messaging app has a major competitor in the form of SNOW.

SNOW – Selfie, Motion sticker is a video sharing app with very a similar function and feel to Snapchat. Though categorized by the company as a Photography app (unlike Snapchat who are classified as Social), the app has many social functions and has seen its popularity spike across Asia and the hype is quickly spreading worldwide.

In Japan, for example, the app has already overtaken Snapchat in terms of Android installs and as of June 2016, SNOW was installed on 9.5% of all Japanese Android devices, while Snapchat only claimed 4.1%.


Elsewhere in Asia, the app has also seen its install rate increase and though the app is based in South Korea, it is quickly spreading throughout the continent. In Singapore and the Philippines for example, the app has seen a steady increase of installs and active users, though Snapchat still ranks above SNOW in both countries

Thailand and Indonesia represent two other countries where the app is growing albeit on a smaller scale. As of June 2016, the app reached 1.26% of Android devices in Singapore, and 1.95% in Thailand. Thailand also represents another country where SNOW had overtaken Snapchat in terms of installs and in June 2016 Snapchat was on 1.87% of Androids falling slightly behind SNOW’s 1.95%.


Outside of Asia, several other countries have become early adopters of the app, with Mexico drastically increasing the apps installs over the last 6 months. In January 2016 the app was only installed on 0.39% of Mexican Android devices, a figure that jumped way up to 1.2% in June. Still, SNOW is far behind Snapchat in Mexico and according to SimilarWeb’s Usage Rank which combines installs and active users, Snapchat ranks 13th overall while SNOW ranks 250th.

Brazil represents another country where interest in SNOW has picked up over the last few months, though installs were still only at 0.49% as of June 2016. Furthermore, the gap between Snapchat and SNOW is much wider in Brazil with Snapchat ranking 11th overall based on Usage Rank, and SNOW coming in at 460th.

In Germany, Netherlands, the UK, and the US, the app hasn’t quite taken off, though in all cases, installs have increased steadily since January. 


Part of the reason SNOW hasn’t taken off in the US as it has in other countries such as Japan is due to the in-store traffic sources of the app. In Japan, the vast majority of the app’s in-store traffic over the last 6 months came via Charts within the Google Play Store. In the US, on the other hand, only 13.88% of in-store traffic came via charts while 70.16% came as a result of in-store search. If SNOW ever does reach the top app charts in the US, expect the app to see a major boost in installs and a drastic shift in traffic sources.


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