So Far So Good: SimilarWeb’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

So far 2015 is off to a great start at SimilarWeb. We’ve had some major accomplishments – most notably our now infamous app engagement feature, which gives you the true value of any app by measuring actual usage patterns.

But that’s not all. In the past few months we’ve been posting a lot about how to optimize your marketing strategy with data. And in this bi-monthly round up of our most popular blog posts, we’ve discovered that what really interests our readers and clients at the moment are data-driven content strategies and SEO tactics. If it’s an infographic with expert advice, all the better!

Check out our most popular posts ushering in the new year. We guarantee you it’ll be the most informative trip down memory lane you’ve ever traveled.


All About the Experts: SEO Wins (and Wins Again)

This 2-part infographic series won big with our readers, and were hands down the winners of our roundup. Featuring a panel of 6 SEO experts sharing predictions and practical advice on SEO, these 2 blog posts were widely adored by everyone. So what’s in store for SEO? Check out our infographics to find out.

SEO Predictions Part 1 – The first part of our infographic featured SEO experts Andy Crestodina, Ann Smarty, and Eric Enge. They gave their predictions on where SEO was headed in 2015, along with advice on how online marketers can maximize their SEO efforts.

SEO Predictions Part 2 – In part 2 of our infographic, we interviewed another set of top SEO experts: Aaron Wall, Bruce Clay and Aleyda Solis. These three also discussed how SEO was evolving in the coming year, as well as practical how-to tips for online marketers looking to enhance their SEO strategy.


Much Ado About Mobile

From the mobile web to the ever-expanding app ecosystem, mobile is the wave of the future, and online marketers are along for the ride. All of our mobile web and app posts are popular, but this one came out on top. Highlighting the differences between user behavior on different devices, this post addressed the challenges of cross-device marketing.

Why Search Marketers Should Pay Attention to Mobile Web in 2015 – at one time it was a common misconception among online marketers that marketing strategy could remain the same for all devices – be it app, mobile web or desktop sites. We’ve since realized the error of our ways, and this post helps to highlight those differences. Exploring how users search on desktop, mobile web and mobile apps, we illustrated how user behavior varies across devices, and therefore a different approach is needed for each user base.


Content is King, Queen, and Pretty Much Everyone Else in the Royal Kingdom

From blogs to native ads to ad copy and email campaigns, content comprises a vast and crucial part of any online marketing plan. As our infographic on content marketing illustrates, content marketing is the most important trend for digital marketers, but it’s often difficult to come up with a strategy that works. That’s why we think these two blog posts focusing on the latest content trends were such big hits with readers.

The State of Content Marketing in 2015 – this was a double winner, as it featured valuable information on the hottest marketing trend for digital marketers – content marketing! – in a snazzy infographic. And what online marketer doesn’t love a good infographic? Created in collaboration with and JBH, this infographic gave interesting insights into this increasingly popular yet often challenging area of online marketing.

How Outbrain & Taboola are Cashing in Big on Content Recommendation The Content recommendation platform is the new “it” girl in the world of content marketing, but she’s also a bit controversial. When done right, it can be a useful (and highly lucrative) tool for online marketers, but not everyone is willing to adopt the strategy. This post explored the two biggest contenders in this arena– Outbrain and Taboola. In addition to measuring their respective performances, we gave insights on how the fierce competition between these two “leading ladies” translates onto the content recommendation marketplace.

There you have it – our top 5 most popular posts since the year began. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for data-driven marketing…stay tuned to find out!

About the Author -

Lauren Meir is a writer and the Creative Content Manager at SimilarWeb. Her expertise lies in content marketing and creative branding. She has experience writing for a variety of industries including the art world and online gaming, and her work has appeared in publications such as the Huffington Post, Provokator and the Detroit Jewish News.

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