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Snapchat is one of the most popular messenger apps and it has recently reached the 100 million-user mark. Although developed in the USA, less than half of the app’s users live in the USA. This highlights a strong, global expansion campaign by Snapchat and one that is reaching all four corners of the globe. Despite this success in numbers, the app is far from establishing a solid monetization model. However, Bloomberg have stated that Snapchat Inc. is near a round of funding valued to be in the region of $10 billion. Using SimilarWeb we decided to look at the most prospective markets for further expansion of Snapchat.


Promised Lands

With the help of SimilarWeb PRO’s App Analysis feature we were able to identify the markets that Snapchat is most popular in. To understand just how strongly Snapchat was performing, we filtered the results to show the overall app ranking for that market.

A quick look at the figures for the Google Play store showed that the strongest markets for Snapchat are North America, Western Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Snapchat, therefore, know that these markets are performing well, but there is still plenty of scope for them to climb the app rankings.


Most popular markets downloading Snapchat in Google Play store by SimilarWeb PRO

An analysis of results in the Apple Store presented fairly similar results with a strong performance from Western Europe and Saudi Arabia. Oceania had a slightly stronger showing in the Apple Store with Australia being joined by New Zealand in the top 10. North America, however, fared less well with Canada dropping out of the top 10. This indicates that Snapchat need to embark on a slightly different marketing strategy in the Apple store to push their app up the rankings.


Most popular markets downloading Snapchat in Apple store by SimilarWeb PRO

So, we now knew who the most popular markets for Snapchat are, but which markets have the strongest potential to grow? Filtering the results by the ‘change’ option in SimilarWeb PRO allowed us to discover the answer.

SimilarWeb PRO highlighted that the key markets in the Google Play store for growth of Snapchat were Malaysia, Italy, India, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Poland respectively. These markets have all recorded rises in Snapchat’s overall app ranking, so Snapchat need to concentrate on these markets to ensure this growth and potential is maintained. Ultimately, the increase in popularity could pay dividends for Snapchat.


Biggest ranking increases for Snapchat downloads in Google Play store by SimilarWeb PRO

The results in the Apple store showed a slightly different story. The growth in South East Asia was noticeable with the Philippines and Indonesia both posting substantial growths in popularity. Snapchat was, again, growing rapidly in India and helped to substantiate that growth in Asia is very strong. These are the markets that have the most potential for growth and Snapchat need to focus on strategies to increase their hold on these markets.


Biggest ranking increases for Snapchat downloads in Apple store by SimilarWeb PRO

External Referrals

One of the best ways to understanding the available markets is by pinpointing where your external traffic is coming from. Of particular interest to marketeers are the external referrals. By identifying these sites it allows relationships to be developed in order to ensure even more traffic is directed your way. Using SimilarWeb PRO we looked at the highest ranking external referrals for second tier countries to see where untapped potential lay.

The second tier markets sending the most traffic to the Google Play store in search of Snapchat were from The Netherlands, Turkey and Russia. All three of these markets indicate growth opportunities for the brand, so building relationships with referrers in this countries could create a real increase in traffic.


The Apple store shows the strongest referring second tier markets were the Netherlands, Japan and China. Snapchat, again, needs to concentrate on building relationships in these markets and, in particular, the sites listed below. This approach is likely to lead to a stronger performance and higher market share in these countries.


Which markets were showing the most dynamic growth in terms of external referrals? To discover this we filtered the results by ‘change’ to understand which markets were currently hot.

The Google Play store was shown to be experiencing high growth from the Netherlands and Mexico. These two markets open up many potentials for the brand, so Snapchat need to investigate how they can maximize the interest on show from these markets.


The Apple store was showing high interest from East Asia with significant changes in traffic from Taiwan and China. Turkey, also, had recently discovered a huge upswing in traffic. These three markets are potential goldmines for the brand and close relationships with websites in this market can help exploit this.


Search Engine Keywords

An excellent way of discovering which markets are driving traffic towards a brand is by examining the search engine keywords. English speaking countries are well established providers of traffic to Snapchat, so we decided to take a look at the regional keywords being used. By understanding the origin of these localized search queries, we would be able to identify regional markets.

The analysis of the Google Play store showed very strong performance from French search terms and this correlated with Snapchat’s high ranking popularity in that market. The interest in these search terms has also shown signs of growth, so expansion still appears to be ongoing in this market. Japan contributed a high ranking keyword, but the traffic it brought in was relatively small and the change in traffic shows signs of falling. Brazil and Turkey also contributed some small amounts of traffic, but these markets show that growth appears to have plateaued.


The keyword results from the Apple store showed a slightly more varied set of results. The top two results were Japanese and Arabic respectively and both markets are currently enjoying a healthy growth in traffic month on month. These are two key markets for Snapchat to concentrate and invest in as the demand for the app is too lucrative to ignore. France is, once again, a very popular provider of regional keywords, but their growth is seen to be falling or staying the same. This indicates that this market, in the Google Play store, has maybe reached its saturation point. Spain also proves to be a relatively successful provider of keywords, but their growth again is stunted.


Snapchat’s Next Step

According to SimilarWeb data Snapchat has 50M-100M of total installs in the Google Play Store. Compared to other messaging apps like Viber with 100M-500M installs and the 500M-1B installs of Whatsup, SnapChat remains a smaller player on the global market. But with their fast growth and wide dispersion of acceptance in international markets they are most likely not far off from becoming a leader or even the leader in the industry. At that point they will need to refocus their efforts and come up with a business model that drives actual revenue.

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