Star Wars Effect: The Force is Strongest with Lego

As the “Star Wars Effect” peaks over the holiday shopping season, Lego leads the Star Wars toys & games category online when compared to industry leaders Toys R Us, Disney Store, eBay, and even Amazon. Lego dominates with 66.88% share of the combined search traffic sent to all five websites, driving 10.7% of the toy maker’s 7.5 million visits to its own Star Wars related pages.
“I just want to sell toys”
-George Lucas, when asked why he chose to produce a space opera 
Ever since the original Star Wars film launched the franchise that Disney would acquire for $4 billion, merchandising has represented the bulk of revenue. Cynics have even argued that every Star Wars film has essentially acted as a glorified advertising campaign for toys.

Lego brought the Lucasfilm merchandising philosophy into the digital marketing realm. The company’s investment in Star Wars content and its community of toy builders paid off. Most searchers this holiday season wound up on Lego’s site – more than twice as often as established retailers including the owners of the Star Wars franchise.

Capitalizing on its ongoing Star Wars licensing deal, Lego has essentially become the franchise’s children’s games market maker. “lego star wars” is the top search phrase driving 0.39% of traffic to websites in SimilarWeb’s children’s shopping category.
As the Force Awakens premiers in theaters, is emerging as a true digital Jedi.

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