Tesla Charges Past Automakers in Model 3 Traffic Spike

Tesla Motors may have already become the new Apple when it comes to new product announcements and SimilarWeb data shows that their web traffic doesn’t disappoint. The company’s latest announcement proved to be a major online hit, massively increasing worldwide traffic to the website.

Reservations for the Model 3 began on March 31st worldwide at 9:30pm Pacific Standard Time, or 11:30pm on the U.S. East Coast, or April 1st for the rest of the world. In just 3 days, from March 31st to April 2nd, the website teslamotors.com had over 7 million desktop and mobile visits which came from over 100 countries.

Of Tesla’s US visitors over the last 4 weeks, it seems many knew exactly what they were looking for and in fact 50% of Tesla’s web traffic came from search. Our recent Global Search Marketing Report found that for every 100 desktop visits to a Shopping website, approximately 1.32% came from display ad traffic but with Tesla 100% of their search traffic was organic. These searches were extremely targeted and 40% of desktop searches specifically mentioned Tesla’s model “3”. 

As a result of this increased interest, Tesla had roughly 10 times the visits of each of its competitors such as ford.com, nissanusa.com, and toyota.com, sites that typically get more traffic and have stronger brand recognition. For more information on auto-makers, their digital strategies, and what car shoppers search for online, download our recent Auto Report .

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder and CEO of Tesla, was obviously thrilled by all the good news.

One area where Tesla could use some serious improvement however, is in optimizing its mobile app. The Android Tesla Motors App saw no major increases in Current Installs in the US, and it seems the major announcement had almost no effect on app installs.

Even when looking at SimilarWeb’s Usage Rank rating for apps, Tesla’s app has dropped significantly. In December 2015, the app ranked 6,071st overall in the US, but as of April 5th, the app dropped to 7,916th. It seems Tesla’s app has a long way to go if it is to become one of our trending apps and catch on with a larger audience.

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